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We’re all about Pinterest

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Social media gives us endless viewing. We view and converse with our inner social circles through Facebook, share thoughts and images through Instagram to followers, Tweet and comment on Twitter on topics that can be so far and wide that we may not even fully understand.

But Pinterest is by far the social channel of our choice. It gives us the opportunity to explore architecture and architects, share our own designs and the things that we really love such as materials and interiors that we think work on a cabin project.

Pinterest is a way to bring together all the ideas that inspire you and curate a number of considered ‘pin’ boards that reflect your personality so we get a better idea of what you want to achieve from your own cabin project. So if you haven’t set up a Pinterest account then we would encourage you to do so and follow us and share with us.
We can then use these to help design your perfect cabin!

Visit Life Space Cabin's profile on Pinterest.

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