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We are the Designer. We are the Maker.

Our aim is to create beautiful, practical architecture and design that can be available to everyone.

When you commission Life Space Cabins to design a unique cabin that is perfect for you we will guide you through each stage of the project. We offer a full design service using our team of architects and designers, we will guide you through any planning application required. We will then take you through considered material choices and introduce you to new materials and styles that you may not have thought of before.

Through our curated ‘address book’ we can now offer a stylist and sourcing service that will give you the opportunity to have beautifully made, vintage or commercially found furniture and interior pieces in your cabin. We will be collaborating with UK artists and craft makers to make this happen. We will produce mood boards and style ideas create a perfectly curated cabin space.

We are also building relationships with companies like Canopy and Stars who can offer advice should your cabin be for more of a commercial venture.

Read more About Us and the way we work.

Cabin Style Board by Life Space Curator

Cabin Style Board. Images credited with their Instagram handles.


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