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Create an inclusive and year round offering for your visitors.

Visit England have a useful guide called The Pink Book which covers legislation rules and guidelines for tourist accommodation hosts they have also been updating their website Visit Britain which has details surrounding the current Covid-19 situation and how to navigate anything from funding to staff sick pay.

There are of course no dates or timings as to when things will return to normal but its got us thinking (and judging by the people we’ve spoken to) about what the domestic tourism landscape might look like post covid.

All Year Round.

If (and a big IF ?) visitors can explore again this year then a well insulated and considered space that will act more like a mini home will allow you to rent into the shoulder months and essentially have a 52 week rental. Our Prairie Cabin has been designed just for this. 

Guest Experience

More of us will have no choice but to stay in the United Kingdom for holidays this year so widening your season beyond September is key to not writing this year off. Providing your guests with a great guest experience, from sampling local gin whilst sat star gazing in a sumptuous window seat to awakening the senses in an outdoor bath, these experiences will make them feel special no matter what the season. We’ve talked before about time well spent  and giving your guests the opportunity to choose to turn their phone off and go off grid for a heavenly two days or reconnecting with nature by scavenging for kindling to light the log burner. Connect with your guests needs.

Know Your Community

Your glamping/ accommodation offering might be head and shoulders above local area alternatives but don’t ignore what your community can offer and how that can contribute to a better guest experience year round. It doesn’t have to be beaches and tourist attractions. Perhaps your local National Trust has a Wassail tradition or your town hosts a stunning Diwali light festival like the one in Edinburgh each year or a popular outdoor winter market. Think about special interest groups – is there a conservation lake that welcomes winter birds each year? Encourage an inclusive audience and embrace your locality and what it can offer even in the depths of winter.

Visit England The Pink Book _ Life Space Cabins

Visit England The Pink Book | Life Space Cabins

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