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Time Well Spent

The Millennials are driving a change. (Anyone born between 1981 and 1996) Unlike their parents and grandparents where homes and cars they owned represented milestones in life, millennials have discovered that these ‘things’ don’t always make us happy.

This is a generation who have ridden the crest of the internet wave and no longer see the need to buy a house and work 9am-6pm day in day out to cover the mortgage when you can rent an amazing place in any city in the world through Airbnb. They make conscious decisions about environmental ethics and are motivated by flexibility in their lives.

Even Generation X (born 1965-1980) are coming round to this way of thinking.

Which is why this half term instead of thinking what the equivalent cost of a stay at Wolf Wood Treehouses would pay for at our own home renovation we decided to be more millennial and go for the experience instead.

The beautifully thought-out interior of the Lookout Treehouse at Wolf Wood Treehouses

It turns out nothing can substitute experience.

Our stay at Wolf Wood Treehouse in Devon (being Generation X we weren’t quite brave enough to have an experience on a whim -we had to attribute it to a birthday!) was amazing. We were greeted by Sam and hopped onto his 4×4 buggy with our kit and driven to our home for the night!

Our 8 year old squealed with delight as we crossed the ‘wobbly’ rope bridge to the treehouse and then even louder when he spied the outdoor jacuzzi.

If I’m honest, I even had a big grin when I realised that not only the location and style of the place was beautiful but that this experience was going to help us as a family spend some real quality time together. This may well be a cliche but believe me, it was real.

We sat and played Bird Bingo, jumped in the hot jacuzzi which overflowed with bubbles. listened to the birds in the trees, read the Sunday papers on the comfy sofas and ate treacle tart as the last part of the sun went down.

Once tucked up into our cosy beds we fell asleep listening to the wood burner tinkle and crack as it cooled down.

A happy, worthwhile life is about creating, sharing and capturing memories earned through personal experiences.

I would highly recommend a focus away from possessions, find yourself a cabin, stay in the wild, visit a place you’ve never been before and spend time together.

Be more millennial.

Let’s Do Something Amazing

If you think you could create your own multiple of cabins or treehouses for others to experience then get in contact with us and we can guide you from site appraisal, gaining planning permission to styling your spaces uniquely.

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