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The perfect woodland cabin retreat

The Wistman’s Cabin is a beautiful woodland cabin space created for you to escape to. The cabin offers a safe, reclusive and cosy space giving you your own space to do what you like. The architecture of the cabin focuses on the internal space centred around the warmth and light of the fire. The log burner chimney flue leads your eye up into the vaulted ceiling.

At the highest point of the roof the flue is surrounded by the roof light which, during the daylight hours, floods the space with light. As the evenings draw in, imagine relaxing while glimpsing the wintry starry nights.

The cabin is named after the Wistman’s Wood on Dartmoor, Devon. Wistman’s is one of the highest oak woodlands on Dartmoor and is incredibly beautiful with a strong sense of history and nature.

Flexible Space

The Wistmans Cabin is designed to be an intimate, exclusive warm and cosy space to work, rest or play in. But we at Life Space Cabins want our spaces to work harder than that. The Wistmans Cabin will have the option to have a bespoke flexible screen door that acts as a privacy screen and doubles as a log store. Open up the log store screen sliding door and then the space opens up to the outside world, becoming an inclusive outdoor social space.

Exterior material finishes

Charred larch cladding + Shingles, Rusted Corrugated tin roof + vertical 'hit and miss' cladding on the walls. Or for a contemporary twist why not wrap the exterior in zinc? Finishes with LED lighting. Use the log pile as a wall screen, giving you the secrecy and yet some fun through the creation of hundreds of peek holes to gaze at the outside world;

Interior Materials and finishes

An exposed full hand crafted Carpenter Oak frame, with curved timbers and traditional simple mortice and tenon joints made by skilled craftsmen in Devon. The frame introduces an honesty to the cabin giving a soulful natural skeleton feature to the interior. We would suggest a simple painted boarded sawn finish to the walls, floor and ceiling. Douglas Fir plywood can be used an alternative to achieve a crisp and simple interior finish. Other alternatives could include Birch, Oak, Maple or Ash veneered plywood.

Possible uses of the Wistmans Cabin

Whether it's a teenager's den, a reading room, a home office, art studio or Airbnb style holiday let cabin space, the Wistmans is flexible enough to be all of these. A collective of Wistman styled cabins could give you a perfect alternative to yurt or glamping units.

Do I need Planning?

The Wistmans Cabin is a concept that has been designed to fit within permitted development guidelines. Visit our FAQ Info Hut. page for more information on planning, permitted development or give us a call or email us with your question.
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