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The Urban Contemporary Cabin

The SkySpace cabin is a contemporary and unique concept design, created to excite and inspire. The cabin gives privacy from all prying eyes, yet is flooded with light and the sense of space. The cabin was conceived to be located in an urban environment where privacy is in high demand.

This Life Space Cabin concept only has one window! But the one window is the entire roof, framing the sky and inviting so much natural light into the cabin.

The sky is the limit with this cabin. Be it a unique home office or music room.

Sense of play

Skyspace epitomises the thinking at Life Space Cabins. We want each of our cabins to have a sense of play for all users of the space. SkySpace delivers this several ways. The entire rear wall is shelving, which doubles as steps to access the sleep platform (which doubles as a sun screen). The sleep deck slides to and fro across the cabin ceiling.

Exterior Finishes

The front wall is clad in mirror sheet which reflects and frames a picture of the sky when viewed from the rear of the main house. This front wall then transforms the cabin space from an intimate and private space into a very social and connected space.

Interior Finish

We have introduced a polycarbonate feature wall behind the almost limitless shelving. Polycarbonate actually performs better thermally than glass and is translucent, giving dual aspect natural light while maintaining intimacy.

The use of the SkySpace

SkySpace suits being a home office with a difference. But it could offer an additional sleeping area for guest, a teenager retreat or once opened, a perfect place to host a summer garden party or a home for your cinema equipment; why not have an outdoor cinema party - your friends huddle under blankets under the stars while SkySpace in open mode protects the screen and sound system from the risk of inclement UK weather.

Do I need Planning?

This cabin concept does currently require planning permission as it stands taller than the permitted 4m maximum height. See the Info Hut FAQ page. This cabin could be built on site in approximately 2 weeks or potentially lifted into place. We are happy to design your own version of the cabin to suit your needs.
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