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The Chappell Cabin was commissioned by our private clients Gavin and Lisa. The cabin is used as a reading room for Gavin to escape to and relax with the benefit of a kitchenette and mezzanine occasional sleep deck. This project was the first official project as Life Space Cabins and subsequently is very special to us.

The cabin was built in the most part in the workshops before being delivered to site in Derbyshire in kit form. The cabin was then assembled, frame raised and completely finished in just over two weeks including the ground works.

All work was completed by the team behind Life Space Cabins aside from the electrical installation as this was over seen by the client directly with their local contact.

All design and construction was led and completed by the Life Space Cabins and the talented Andy Guy.

Design is in the detail

The space has a variety of uses, primarily being a study come reading room and home office. At the weekends it becomes more social and offers itself as a social hub at the foot of the garden. One of our favourite elements is the sliding ladder- inspired by a grand library ladder- fixed to to a sliding rail so it can be tucked to one side once finished with.

Exterior Finishes

The exterior is finished in Larch with corrugated tin on the roof. This project uses joinery produced by Bond Joinery and finished by hand with Farrow and Ball paint system. The roof is finished with Lindab guttering and down pipes in silver. The glazing is direct applied glazing which applies glass to the face of the oak frame giving large apertures of glass.

Interior Finish

The cabin is finished inside with Farrow & Ball estate emulsion to the floors, walls and ceiling. The heart of the cabin is achieved by the hand crafted oak frame by Carpenter Oak in Devon. The oak frame forms the structural skeleton of the cabin and then is wrapped in pre fabricated insulation panels. Light fittings by Heals.
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