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Small Space Living

Hands up if you start each spring wanting to have a clear out, had numerous failed attempts to Marie Kondo-ing your sock drawers and declared this is the year you will declutter your life.

Perhaps you’ve doodled a drawing, stayed somewhere inspiring or spent a good number of hours down the glorious rabbit hole of inspiration that is Instagram or Pinterest looking for clever solutions to small space living?

In reality, for most of us, our life is made up of objects, memories and people that we simply can’t practically, nor want to, fold away neatly in a drawer.

When our Life Space Cabins clients come to us to create a small space to suit particular needs for themselves or their family more often than not we end up designing them the smaller, simpler space they’ve always aspired to have. Including all the space-saving, clever and quirky solutions to small space living that they would otherwise not have the ability to create in their own homes.

Open ended spaces to sliding ladders up to mezzanine floors and covered outdoor areas

Open-ended spaces, sliding ladders up to mezzanine floors, and covered outdoor areas.

Here are our top tips for creating a small space that works for you.

What is the space to be used for?

Start at the beginning… think about who this space is for, how many people will be in it at any one time? Do you need separate zones for family members or is this a solo space just for you?

Curate your space

Our homes, whether a modern or period house can dictate our style.  A new small space can be playful and can let your inner-creative come alive.

  • You don’t need to scale your furniture down to dolls house size often larger pieces can make more of a statement.
  • Why not include an outdoor shower in your design?
  • A cabin can face any direction you want. South facing for sun lovers and north facing for artists? We can play with the orientation of your space in its location. (we’re also currently working on a VR virtual reality tool to really immerse you in your cabin design)  

Make small space living multi-purpose

Think about the layout of the cabin in the design phase and be clever about giving elements double use.

  • Avoid dead spaces like corridors. Every sqm should have a use!
  • Hidden sliding doors become walls for bedroom privacy.
  • Seating doubles as storage underneath.
  • Make use of height (permitted development can allow up to 4m*) include a mezzanine floor as a sleep deck.
  • If you do have two levels then include a sliding ladder instead of a fixed staircase as this can be moved aside when not in use.

Bring the Outside In or the Inside Out

A small space doesn’t have to be restricted to inside only.

  • Have a partially covered deck and veranda for outdoor eating/sitting. 
  • How about a drop down shutter that becomes a seating deck? 
  • A fully open-ended space with a bath! Have a look at this stunning retreat space 
  • Full glass lets light flood in all day and through dynamic screens of silk, glass and shutters you can have the privacy.  

Try Before You Buy

We would really recommend staying in a small space and experience a bespoke glamping cabin or treehouse structure, or discover what it’s like to be off-grid for a weekend!

Read about our stay at Wolf Wood Treehouses here 


Let’s do something amazing

Ideas can be endless and the team at Life Space Cabins want to hear them no matter how off the wall you think they are. We can help have fun and find a solution. Call for a chat 01364 705057 Contact Us

Things to note. 

*Permitted development is subject to certain parameters. Contact Us or your local planning development for further information.  01364 705057 or 

All our designs will adhere to full planning and building regulations and engineering guidelines and restrictions. 

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