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Reviving the Hut Culture in Scotland

As part of a plan to revive hut culture in Scotland, new legislation came into force on 1st July 2017 to make it easier for people in Scotland to build a simple hut for recreational use.

While the huts do not require a Building Warrant, they must adhere to a (stripped back) set of construction guidelines. There is a good practice guidance on the planning, development and management of huts and hut sites found here  

Why are huts important?

Simple, rustic buildings have always been an important part of Scotland’s culture. Within the guidelines Professor Peter Roberts Chair of the Planning Exchange Foundation Informal buildings states why Huts are important. The report demonstrates what can be delivered through the provision of space – intellectually and physically – for hut development in a system of land use planning. The report offers many strands of argument: huts provide a base for outdoor activity; they enable the development of a better understanding of the carrying capacity of the environment; they encourage the development of new skills; they provide a platform for the creation of cohesive communities, and they contribute to sustainable rural development.

There are some wonderful explanations on page 10 to the ‘The benefits of hutting’ that include understanding of the natural environment and health and well being benefits.

Have a look at our bothy style Woodcutters Refuge 

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