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RIBA Ten Characteristics of Places where People want to Live | Blog Pos

A Place Where People Want to Live

A really interesting document was released by RIBA last month outlining Ten Characteristics of Places where People want to Live. 

RIBA has produced an analysis, drawn from the professional advice of its members, in response to Sir Oliver Letwin’s Independent Review of Build Out Rates. This has identified the necessary conditions for, and characteristics of, high quality new places where people want to live.

The document details the 10 characteristics outlined below, Why it Matters and Case Studies

Places where People Want to Live

These Ten Characteristics of Places where People want to Live is the precursor to the Future Place project, a partnership with the Local Government Association, Royal Town Planning Institute and Chartered Institute of Housing, which will highlight exemplary placemaking practice around the country.

  1. The right place for the right housing
  2. A place to start and a place to stay
  3. A place which fosters a sense of belonging
  4. A place to live in nature
  5. A real place to enjoy and be proud of
  6. A place with a choice of homes
  7. A place with unique and lasting appeal
  8. A place where people feel at home
  9. A sustainable place for future generations
  10. A place where people thrive

Whilst these conditions and recommendations are aimed at developers, local authorities, local planners for large scale housing developments plenty of the points and conditions resonate with how we build our cabins and future proofing this ‘small space’ ‘tiny house’ movement. 

Consistent engagement with all relevant stakeholders from an early stage.

“Encouraging applicants to engage architects, planners, landscape architects, urban designers and others at an early stage of a project.”

At Life Space Cabins we want to share our passion and experience for good design and considered construction and alongside our architects, planning consultants we will guide our clients through the whole cabin design, planning and build process. Read more about How Life Space Cabins can help you here 

Future Proofing a Place for Tomorrow

“Environmentally sustainable places will not only play their part in a low-carbon future but will provide a legacy which coming generations will be proud of. In our own time, homes in healthy, clean, resource-efficient neighbourhoods in the right places are more likely to attract potential owners or tenants by costing less to run from the start and retaining inherent value in the long term”

Life Space Cabins wants beautiful and practical architecture to be available to everyone. As it says-considered design on all levels will create spaces that future generations will still want not forgetting that its proven that not only are sustainable buildings more durable and strong but they are also healthier and more comfortable spaces for you to live and work in.

To read the full report click here https://www.architecture.com/-/media/gathercontent/work-with-us/additional-documents/placeswherepeoplewanttolivepdf.pdf

Whilst we’re here here is a link to Lochside House the RIBA House of the Year 2018 

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