Potager Hut

Transform Your Garden Into A Serene Haven With Our Fully Insulated Garden Studio, The Potager Hut, Ideal For Working, Crafting, Gardening, And Entertaining.

Transform your garden into a serene haven with our fully insulated garden studio, the Potager Hut, ideal for working, crafting, gardening, and entertaining.

Create your own dreamy, productive oasis with the Potager Hut, where beauty and functionality bloom together.

FROM JUST £22,000 inc VAT

Life Space’s signature design and quality at an affordable cost.

Fully Insulated | Year-Round Use | Crafted & Delivered Across The UK

Lead time: From 4 weeks

Fits under most Householder Permitted Development planning permission rights.

Measuring W 2.8m x L 4m x H 3.7m

Inspired by classic Victorian gardens and rural agricultural architecture, the Potager Hut offers a contemporary twist with natural materials and timeless details. Create a dreamy and productive oasis where beauty and functionality come together seamlessly.

The Potager Hut at a glance

 Quality build techniques that last.

Timeless, purpose-led design inspired by rural architecture

Optional additional module or shed storage module. 

 Built to last, in a country of unpredictable weather

  Attractive dual pitch roof and natural aesthetics

  Crafted using natural materials

UK larch is sourced and processed locally




 Designed and made in Devon 

x1 Crittall-style double glazed aluminium door & window combination.

x1 Crittall-style double glazed aluminium opening window.

High quality 100mm insulation for year-round use

Choice of customisation upgrade options including external finishes.

Delivery and installation across the UK

Lead time from 4 weeks and in most cases 4-5 days on-site installation

Introducing the Potager Hut, a charming, stylish insulated garden studio, perfect for working, crafting, gardening, and entertaining. Designed and made in Devon, each Potager Hut is custom-built by our carpenters using high-quality materials chosen to last a lifetime. Tucked away in the unspoilt South Devon countryside, our skilled team is renowned for designing and building innovative, modern, and classic cabins.

Each Life Space Cabin is made collaboratively in our workshops between the cabin builders and design team.

Quality, sustainability, and great design are our priorities. With designs ready-to-go and elements pre-built for easier construction, you can own a Life Space Cabins Potager Hut in a matter of weeks. Our construction modules can be carried into hard to reach locations, even through your house.

  • “Thank you so much for our gorgeous garden cabin – needless to say, I am totally DELIGHTED. I cannot believe the difference it has made to our cottage and garden… thank you for all your hard work.”
    C. Bermingham
Customise your Potager Hut cabin (1)

Make the Potager Hut your own

Customisation is part of the Life Space experience and we have created a tailored list of optional upgrades available. From material options to plywood wall mounted peg boards for tools, artist equipment and office shelves, it’s simple to make either a garden office shed or creative studio just right for you.

With a faster construction period and a simplified choice of upgrades, we reduce the time spent conceptualising, designing, and building, to make our Potager Hut more affordable for you.

Expert craftsmanship. Unwavering quality. Our cabins, simplified. 

“The Potager Hut draws inspiration from various designs in our portfolio. Every Potager Hut is custom-crafted for you with high-quality, durable materials intended to last a lifetime” Jamie Wilson Founder

From £22,000, fill out the form to get started.

The process

Our simple pre order form and dedicated team will guide you every step of the way. Here’s how it works:




  • Check your garden measurements using our handy site plan tool.
  • Fill out our pre- order form and choose your optional choices and upgrades.
  • In response, we’ll ask for videos and images of your garden and access.
  • Our team will confirm the access requirements, delivery and installation preferences and discuss the location and options selected. 
  • We will issue a quotation for your approval. We will then request a deposit is paid £500 inc VAT along with our T&C’s.
  • We’ll then share a design presentation sheet of your Potager Hut to approve and issue a deposit invoice for 40% of the Potager Hut cost (less initial £500).
  • Once the deposit is paid, this will initiate our production process and we will give you an expected lead time for installation.



  • We’ll spend four weeks building your Potager Hut modules in our workshop and share progress updates.
  • At this point 50% of the Potager Hut cost will be due. Delivery week confirmed.
  • The Potager Hut Foundations will need to be in place.
  • You’ll need to arrange an electrician to complete the power connection.
  • You are more than welcome to visit our workshop to learn more.



  • Closer to the delivery and installation day we will invoice for the final 10% of the Potager Hut cost.
  • Delivery! Our team will come to install your Potager Hut.
  • The Potager Hut will be constructed in your garden without the need for lifting equipment.
  • Although it’s the end of our one-to-one journey, it’s the exciting beginning of Potager Hut in your life for you!


FAQ- Do you have any questions?

We’ve pulled together some frequently asked questions which should answer any queries you may have.

Do you do site visits?

In the first instance we will ask you for photos and videos of your garden and access. Google street view is also a really useful tool. 

In order to keep the cost of the Potager Hut as low and affordable as possible we have excluded this cost from the hut. So in the first instance we would suggest that you send us a series of photos and narrated videos to show access from the roadside, highlighting narrow sections and changes in height. When on the proposed site please stand in the centre of where the Potager hut will be located and spin around 360.

If we still have questions or concerns then we can arrange for one of our team to visit. Costs will apply to cover our time and mileage and will be quoted separately. 


Does the Potager Hut require foundations?

Having a good foundation system ensures your Potager Hut is level, gives the building stability and good airflow. 

When ordering your Potager Hut we will give the option to choose a ground screw foundation system carried out by our approved contractor. In most cases ground screws can be used and are an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to concrete. They also ‘level’ the ground on sloping sites easily and reduce the need for excavation and groundworks.

Alternatively, we can also review any existing foundations you may have such as a concrete plinth to see if we can reuse them. 

Do you work nationwide?

Absolutely! We would love to have a Potager Hut in every corner of the UK.

Installation and Delivery

We charge £7.50 per mile from our workshop in South Devon to come and install your Potager Hut. 

Each Potager Hut comprises of a number of panel sections and window/door units which will be assembled in your garden over a week. When ordering your Potager Hide we will ask for your postcode. This will enable us to calculate the delivery and installation cost which will cover our team assembly time and accommodation costs.

Variations to this calculation will be if we need to travel on a ferry. In which case we will need to cover the ferry costs. 

A full quote will be calculated and agreed on all orders. 

Does the The Potager Hut require planning permission??

The Potager Hut is designed to qualify as an outbuilding under permitted development regulations. This typically means you won’t need planning permission, provided the space is for personal use and located within your domestic curtilage. Additionally, due to its dual-pitch height of 3.7m, it must be situated at least 2 metres away from your boundary. 

Read more here. and via this handy this PDF

Variations to this could be if you are in a conservation area, AONB, your home is a Listed Building or similar. 

If you are unsure one of our team can ascertain pretty quickly using a ‘light touch’ planning guidance approach. 

If you do need to submit a planning application then we can assist with drawings* to support the application. (*fees apply) We can also quote for a full planning application service or suggest if a planning consultant is required. 

Access for installation

In order for us to be able to physically install your Potager Hut we require something called a Construction Zone. This is 50 cm around the hut to allow our team to assemble and clad the hut safely. We will ask for photos and measurements of your garden and proposed Potager Hut location and can advise accordingly. Sometimes it’s simply the case of moving the orientation of the hut to give this space required. 

In terms of access to the garden, in an ideal world you will have a rear garden gate and off road parking. But we realise that is not always the case!

Where you only have access through the house or narrow side access and street parking, the sooner we know about this the better as we can either adapt the panel sizes so we can walk them through your home or just give our team the heads up on the solution. 

Remember, although our team is clean and polite they cannot manage the weather so protective floor covering should go down before we arrive. 

If parking is on the street we will ask you to arrange up to 2 visitor permits for the time we are with you. 


Mains power to your Potager Hut from your house will need to be arranged by yourself.

The Potager Hut price will include first fix electrics, ready for your own electrician to complete the second fix and subsequently connect to the mains power. We are able to quote for full (first and second) fix electrics inside the hut within a 100 mile radius of our workshop PL8 2ES. 

Is there any lighting in the Potager Hut?

We tend to find light fittings are a very personal choice so by providing 6 double sockets you can choose your own free standing wall lights and lamps. 

Our design team is more than happy to suggest some suppliers if you need inspiration. 

Internet Connection

Your electrician will be able to arrange this at the same time as providing power to the Potager Hut.

Heating your Potager Hut.

Our Potager Huts are built to a very high standard using 100mm insulation and therefore should give you a comfortable temperature through the year. However for those colder days and if you are predominantly using the space as an office (and therefore sitting down for long periods) then you could plug in a wall hung electric radiator.

How do I ventilate my Potager Hut?

Due to the levels of insulation the Potager  Hut should remain at a consistent temperature. Variations to this will be the orientation of the cabin and number of windows you have chosen to have. Glazing increases solar gain thus making your Potager Hut warmer. The door window combo comes with an opening window as standard. You can also upgrade any additional fixed window to opening windows for additional ventilation. 

Can I change the orientation of the entrance door and have an extra window?

Absolutely, we have given a number of choices and variations for window and door location(s) 

Use the Pre-Order form to facilitate this.

Can the Potager Hut be off-grid?

To create an off-grid space requires a bespoke and often site-specific solution and can more than double the cost of a space and the Potager Hut is designed to be an affordable space so is not suitable for off-grid options.



What additional costs do I have to consider?

  • Planning application fees- see Planning.
  • Groundscrews. If you have chosen this option the cost quoted assumes 6-8 screws (1.5m long) The final cost is subject to a pull test of ground conditions. If longer screws are required the price will increase.
  • If you have chosen to first fix electrics only then you will need to arrange an electrician to complete the Potager Hut second-fix electrics and connect the hut to your home. A trench is likely to be needed to bury the cable back to your mains connection (usually at your house). 
  • Additional costs could also be in the form of groundworks and site service connections. Although we don’t get involved in these aspects we are more than happy to speak to your contractor. 

Can I have a sink in my Potager Hut?

In theory yes, but we don’t get involved in water connections or fittings. You will need to find your own plumber to assist with this work. 

We can supply construction drawings so they know where they can create holes and connections but we cannot guarantee the Potager Hut once a separate contractor has done the work. 

Can I have a bigger Potager Hut?

Yes, we have designed the Potager Hut in order to easily add on an additional 0.6m section. 

You can also choose to have a storage shed option for bikes of garden paraphernalia.

A change to the size may affect planning permissions and the required construction zone area so please check first. 

What Guarantees/ Warranties does the Potager Hut come with?

We’re confident that all our Life Space Cabins are built to last and the Potager Hut is no different. 

We offer a 1 year warranty. This covers any defects that have occurred that are associated with the integrity of the building. If after this time you experience a problem then please do make contact with photos and order information and that we can guide you.  We will not cover wear and tear or where another contractor has worked on the building. We have chosen materials and adopted a robust construction system for great performance and longevity. The roofing membrane comes with a 50-year life expectancy for the ultimate peace of mind. 

How long will my Potager Hut last?

At least 25 years. We go by the mantra, do one thing and do it well. The Potager Hut is built to last by using modern methods of construction, excellent insulation levels and high-quality materials. 

Have a read of our sustainable build practices here

What is the maintenance of my Potager Hut?

By using natural materials like UK larch and durable metals like currugated steel their long-term durability is very good and as long as you don’t have anything leant up against the external walls then they will require minimal maintenance. We suggest keeping an air gap under the hut clear to allow the floor structure to have ventilation and to avoid planting too close to the timber cladding to allow it to dry out between rain showers. 

I’m ready to order, what happens next?

We ask you to complete the pre-order form on the webpage.

This will capture our choices including entrance door positions and material choices. It will give you a base cabin cost. Once submitted we will come back to you requesting a few site details including videos and photos. 

Once we have this information we can create a quote and design visualisation showing your choices for approval and sign off. 


What are your Payment Terms?

Payment 1 – Order Deposit: £500 payable at placing of order.

Payment 2 – Pre-manufacture: 40% payable as soon as we start the production (Less the £500)

Payment 3 – Pre-installation:    50% payable once we firm the delivery and installation date. 

Payment 4 – Completion:         10%  payable at handover of keys. 

Payment is invoiced and due using BACS. Whilst we can facilitate Credit Card payments, charges may apply.

Do I pay VAT? Yes but these are all included in the costs given. 


How quick can I have my Potager Hut?

Once we have all your information we will look at our production schedule and suggest some dates to you. This could be as quick as 4 weeks. 

Why should I buy a Hut from Life Space Cabins?

We’re a talented team of designers and carpenters passionate about small spaces and have used all our learning and combined experience over 40 years to create the Potager Hut.

We don’t want to be the biggest or produce the most but we do want to be the best. Which is why we’re always looking to improve our methods and create beautiful spaces.

Have a read of our values & ethos here

Can I assemble the Potager Hut myself?

Not yet, but in theory we’d like to be able to offer one of our spaces as a kit form so in theory yes you may be able to in the future. But for now, you can benefit from our expertise and build efficiency

I love what you do but I would like something different?

Life Space Cabins started out offering a full bespoke design service and that is very much a key part of our DNA. If you do want to create a unique space for this with a higher budget then please visit 

Ready to welcome a Potager Hut into your life?

Build your Potager Hut from the options here

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