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We are turning ‘Cabin’ on its head….

The NiBAC is one of our larger more striking cabins which will give the space more flexibility as to how it could be used. This concept uses a 7m x 6m floor area.

The NiBAC is based around a distinctive oak frame structure. The frame uses a combination of traditional joints and stainless steel details to achieve a sense of space throughout the cabin. The extra height makes the space all the more impressive, with a central vaulted ceiling open from the floor, all the way to the highest part of the cabin. Whilst the outside is designed to merge into its environment using carefully chosen materials

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Simplicity of design

Through clever design the NiBAC introduces mezzanines that could be used for sleep decks, with a dining booth and kitchenette below. The addition of a cat slide style lean-to roof to the side gives the cabin a generous entrance lobby with roof light above and shower room off the main living accommodation.

Exterior Finishes

We suggest the NiBAC is clad in Zinc for an eave-less gutter free crisp external aesthetic. Alternatively, you could choose another material like larch cladding to finish the exterior of the cabin to suit your site and wishes. We would be happy to guide you through the options available. A change of material would dramatically change the exterior appearance giving the chance to make it right for you.

Interior Finishes

For the interior finishes we have suggested fine sawn oak vertical boards, naturally coloured using Iron Oxide creating a deep blue, purple black colouring. This depth is balanced by light, natural toned painted sawn boarded interior cladding. With the introduction of specialist LED lighting design, the quirks of the space would be maximised with dramatic effect.

NiBAC uses

The cabin concept is well suited for use as a holiday let or as private retreat for all the family to enjoy. So consider this as a basis to you Airbnb income stream or your weekend escape.

Do I need Planning?

Yes. Being one of our larger cabins the NiBAC will need planning permission as it stands taller than the permitted guideline 4m height. But by being taller, the NiBAC gives more flexibility to how the internal space could be used. Give us a call to discuss planning for your site.
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