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A Luxury Stilted Treehouse

This exciting and remarkable structure is described as a ‘luxury treehouse’ although it is not strictly so, as it’s accessible from the ground and is entirely self supporting.  

The client’s brief was to create a structure which felt like a treehouse and allowed them to be at tree canopy height to enjoy the beautiful, peaceful location on the edge of Exmoor.

The location for the luxury treehouse is an incredible former quarry in South Exmoor, Devon. The disused quarry is now full of wildlife and acts as an unofficial nature reserve. To maximise the amazing location, the stilted treehouse is situated on a shelf set back from a dramatic drop into the disused quarry.  It is set amongst beautiful oak trees, farmland and wildlife.

Surprise elements

We framed the view for the luxury treehouse through the treetop canopy and the far reaching sight of Exmoor beyond. We took the idea of a camera viewfinder and applied that to the treehouse experience. The approach to the treehouse across a bridge walkway gives teasing glimpses of the view. Once inside there is an unexpected wall of glass, which frames the view without missing the drama of the location.

The treehouse interior has a generous sized bothy style bed tucked into the wall and a well equipped kitchenette. There is a log burner surrounded by cosy, comfy seating for those inclement days where only a coffee and the warmth of the fire will do.

Outside, the treehouse is finished off by a covered terrace with either an exterior shower or roll top bath.

The surprise element for the guest is a compact yet invigorating shower experience. The shower cubicle is enhanced by one wall being a floor to ceiling window onto the woodland view. A place to really let your inhibitions go!

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Cabin Facts

  • Located in Devon/Somerset border (UK)
  • Luxury cabin
  • Log burner and hygge seating
  • Bothy style hideaway bed
  • Covered terrace/ blacony
  • Perfect for holiday rental and Airbnb
  • Due to the proximity of the tree house to the lip of a former quarry a geotechnical survey was conducted to aid our engineer with the foundation design and performance calculations.

Life Space Cabin Services

  • Full Design
  • Full Planning Service
  • Full Construction Detailing
  • Full Build Service
  • Materials

  • Exterior: We have two options to explore with this design.
  • Exterior One: To complement the natural surroundings we have considered using Corten for its beautiful orangey brown hues or timber cladding (silvered or scorched) that will disappear into the habitat.
  • Exterior Two: To present the treehouse in the natural environment through a contrast of material texture and colour using materials like TRESPA , a high pressure laminated timber available in 1000’s of colours.
  • Structure: Simple timber stud panel construction packed full with insulation to balance the costs of creating the structural platform.
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