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Nature’s Lens: A series of luxury cabin retreats on a working farm located in the Cotswolds.

These cabins will be available for rent as part of the farm’s long-term plan for diversification into the leisure industry yet combining greater access and enjoyment to the beautiful countryside.

Driven by the ethos heavily linked to nature and un-compromised quality we were commissioned to explore the  possibility of each cabin being individual in its character and location while giving an intimate connection to its natural (and wild) context.

For the first luxury cabin we have collaborated with architect Paul Miller with a brief for them to design a ‘wow’ cabin.  

The result is this ‘The Invisible Shed’ concept. A space not confined by walls and mass that embraces the natural world and then through dynamic screens of silk, glass and shutters allow the guest to regulate modesty, comfort and nature dependent on their desires. This concept will allow a unique uninhabited connection to the the scent of apple blossom in the spring to an invigorating and energising morning bath in the dawn sunshine. Sensational!

Evening retreat contemporary Luxury Cabin in Cotswolds with open sides and floating log burner | Life Space Cabins

Design Details

The cabin needs to be usable all year round, so it will be insulated to remain warm and comfortable in all seasons. We are looking at insulating with wood fibre or Warmcell (recycled newspaper), which is environmentally sound and gives good sound and thermal performance.

The customer experience will be heightened by the finest quality materials and fixtures within a considered context to the finishings and experiences.

  • Client: Private.
  • Current Status: This project is currently at the planning stage.
  • Budget: Undisclosed

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Cabin Facts

  • Located in Cotswolds England
  • Retreat
  • Rural Location
  • Modern Contemporary
  • Multiple Cabins
  • Natural Materials sympathetic to the environment

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  • Full Planning Service
  • Full Construction Detailing
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