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Life Space Cabins Spring Updates

As with many building projects, the weather at the start of the year created unforeseen delays to the completion of the Little Dartmouth Cabin. However, now that the weather is warmer our builder Mike and his team are cracking on and aim to complete this beautiful cabin in the next 5-6 weeks.

The quality and quantity of enquiries that came in during February and March have been very promising. We continue to be surprised and delighted from the enquiries we receive, there seems to be a real desire for people to build their own small spaces and very often in amazing locations.

In other news…

We’ve took an advert in the prestigious by Manor Magazine -Design Issue and Jamie will be interviewed by their editor at some point too!

In February we talked about our collaboration with Canopy and Stars. This has already proved a growing partnership with referrals happening for those wanting to rent out their amazing small spaces. 

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