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The Cabin at Hooke Park in Dorset

Hooke Park

UK Architecture’s best kept secret.

A visit to a hidden Dorset woodland, we discover Hooke Park- a hotbed of cutting edge architecture, design and applied construction.  

Hooke Park is owned and operated by the Architecture Association and contains a growing educational facility for design, workshop, construction and landscape-focussed activities. It is used by visiting groups of London-based students, the Hooke Park-based MArch Design & Make programme and for short courses during the academic breaks

On our visit to Hooke Park we were hosted by Charley Brentnall one of Hooke Park’s lecturers. A day spent with Charley discovering new and enlightening ways to design small and large buildings, roofs structures that defy the laws of gravity and beautiful bridges that straddle streams was the most inspiring day we’ve had in a long time.

Then we came to the Cabin. This little gem of of a building was almost like walking into an Alice in Wonderland book. Not a straight wall in sight, no conventional room layouts. Just a very clever play on space. From bunk beds hiding on mezzanines to tubular shower units. We were in Life Space heaven!

Being out and about reminded us all of being on a college excursion. You cannot fail to underestimate the brilliance of actually being amongst these buildings, touching them and working out the thought behind their design.

It certainly beats screen based inspiration by miles and I for one will be visiting again.

Hooke Park is not open to the public on a regular basis but they do organise events. If you would like to subscribe to the Events List, send your details to events@aaschool.ac.uk

See you there!

Coming Soon- A new Blog post about our inspiring trip around France and a recent visit to the Hauser and Wirth Gallery in Somerset


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