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Choose to work from home

The ability to work from home is becoming more accessible to more people brought about by the internet and fast broadband being available in most locations.

While cost is of course a primary factor, comfort and residual value come into play as it could be used as ancillary accommodation to the main house. This home office cabin was designed for a talented garden designer freeing up her family home of business clutter and creating separation between work and family time.

The cabin is a modest 4x5m giving our client the space to stretch out plans and accommodate a collection of books and samples.

A full oak frame was wrapped with a SIPs style well insulated walls and finished internally with painted boarding and on the exterior with larch cladding. The profiled coloured steel roofing was driven by costs and came with 100mm of insulation and was very quick to install. The plan is to replace the metal roof with a high quality slate roof in the future, when funds allow.

The Home Office is a warm and comfortable space to work in plus could double as an additional bedroom for the main house.

This cabin was built within permitted development rights so was restricted in height to 4m.

We could think of no where better to commute to for a day’s work! Read our blog post here about Home Offices

Cabin uses

From home office to artist studio, this type of cabin would fit sympathetically into any garden space. The size at 4mx5m would suit most requirements, giving space for a couple of desks and plenty of storage. This space could be used as a occasional guest bedroom, (subject to the necessary permissions) gym or workshop. This cabin allows the owner to relax into their work without having to clear up at the end of each day- perfect creativity!

Exterior Finishes

This home office cabin is finished with natural Larch for the cladding, fascia and soffits. The roof is created using pre formed profile metal sheeting that has insulation sandwiched between the inner and outer skins. Rational doors and windows finished in Slate grey finished the cabin off well, along with the Lindab guttering. The decking is created using Millboard for a natural look with robust and practical qualities.

Interior Finish

The cabin has a beautiful green oak frame as the structural skeleton, with painted boarding for the walls, ceiling and floor giving it a natural and softer finish. The paint is a natural off white tone to bounce light around the space. The Rational joinery allows ventilation to be maintained, combined with the large panels of fixed glazing framing the beautiful views from the garden.
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This beautiful garden cabin which would make a perfect home office space
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