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Creating your own Family Space Lucie Pritchard | LIfe Space Cabins

Creating the perfect space your family

Somewhere within us all is an instinctual desire to design and build our own small space, individual to our needs and characteristics, a home away from home, an escape, a retreat.”

Functionality V Fun

Ultimately you want this space to encourage creativity and become a ‘social hub’ for the family.  It’s important to look at the following elements when designing your own family hangout.


Think hygge when choosing the right materials. 

Wood creates a lovely welcoming smell and don’t underestimate the need to insulate the space plus think about including a small wood burner for year round use.

Have a read at Meik Wiking’s  ‘Little Book of Hygge’

Creating a craft space for your family. Images by Lucie Pritchard Design


Quality over a swift result. There are lots of ‘cookie cutter spaces’ out there which you could have on site in 6 weeks but get it right the first time and you won’t have too many niggles and remember you’re creating a legacy/asset for your family.


Open plan versus nooks and alcoves. You want to encourage being together whilst maintaining a peaceful place. Think about a large window seat to create a calm solo space without being hidden away. 

Think about how the space will adapt as your family grows or gets older?

Location and Access

Where does the sun rise and fall?

Be aware of your family. Don’t build it somewhere which entails a big climb or long walk if Granny is going to be a regular visitor.

Do you need a loo and running water?

Connectivity and Creativity

Have a think about how you will connect with each other. Can you go without the internet or perhaps a cinema screen is the ultimate way your family can spend time together.

Think old school. Snakes and ladders, chess sets, craft kits and bookshelves.


This could be your opportunity to design some really playful elements into a space. Sliding doors, hanging chairs, hammocks, craft tables, climbing wall, slides rope ladders mezzanine area with a ladder leading up.

Include some fun elements for your family cabin. | Window Seat hausaufmoen.de | Woodland Cabin Life Space Cabins| Hanging seat Garden Trading


  • Get each family member to write down their ideas and desires for the space.
  • Use Pinterest to each create a mood board of your ideal spaces.
  • Create a maintenance plan so it doesn’t always fall to mum and dad. For instance, someone takes responsibility for bringing games or someone ensures the windows are closed when you leave. It doesn’t have to be big tasks but it encourages the whole family to take responsibility for the cabin.
  • Follow our Pinterest board Family Hangouts for more inspiration

Visit Life Space Cabin's profile on Pinterest.

If you would like to build your own family space then the team at Life Space can help.

From the outset, we’ll listen to your brief, arrange a site visit and talk through all your ideas until we have designed (with you) a space that you and your family no matter how big or small can spend time together in.

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