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New to Life Space Cabins a fully functional shipping container conversion.


Introducing: Container SPACE. Designed and detailed by the team at Carpenter Oak Cornwall

The functional and humble shipping containers, the backbone of the our island’s economy, are converted into beautiful, insulated cabin spaces unlocking a new lease of life.  Using a soulful natural oak frame features; framing the large glazed openings, Siberian Larch cladding, Rationel joinery and painted internal boarding these spaces can be used all year round.

The interior space is a world away from the origins of a shipping container.  You would never know its original use once inside. In fact you could ponder what product travelled in the space you now use as for your garden based teenager den, office or designer maker workshop.

Insulated and ready to go

Each container cabin comes fully insulated with double glazing, engineered timber flooring and of course made and put together with the highest level of craftsmanship you would expect from Carpenter Oak. We deliver it fully finished, straight to site, reducing the time you are  up in the under-stairs broom cupboard you call an office! Prices start from £24,000+VAT and delivery. Please call to explore what is possible for your site.

Off the Peg solution

Prefabricated offsite you could have your container cabin with you in a matter of weeks.

In most cases, as the containers are non-permanent and movable, planning permission is not required. However, It is always worth checking with local planning authorities for guidance on the container's proximity to highways and other residents and surrounding buildings.

Take your cabin with you
News Feed Cabin on the truck| Life-space-cabins Charley Brentnall
One couple loved their cabin so much they decided to take it with them.
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