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The Old Way

Two companies/individuals arrange to meet with the pretense one company can offer the other something.  

The New Way

Over the last couple of years, there is a new movement led by Instagram. Although initially led by known ‘celebrities’ has now successfully filtered down and is currently driven by key ‘influencers’

These influencers are, on the whole, bloggers/ small businesses / sole traders / individual entrepreneurs who have built significant organic followings in their particular field be in fashion, interiors, travel. They are being asked to mention/wear/blog about another company’s products/service and in doing so raise the online profile for all. The big guns have no option to realise the value of these influencers.

But these influencers are crucially aware of the need to remain authentic and will only work with brands they believe in.  They may want to have a say on the product in question so then it becomes the art of collaboration. How do they represent the product whilst still engaging their followers (and build new ones)? 

We see it as a mutually beneficial outcome that acknowledges both parties authenticity for said a project.

At Life Space Cabins we set out to ensure that the designers, architects, and makers we work with are considered and acknowledged from the outset.

So, when we have a meeting (virtually or in person) we enter a meeting with the thought…

“What can we both do for each other?”

We are already working with some exciting companies like Canopy and Stars (Alastair Sawday’s) and Architects Miller Kendrick (featured in Channel 4’s Cabins in the Wild) about collaborating on projects. 

You can read more articles giving tips to successful collaborating here The Design Twins and follow blogger Lisa Dawson a leader in collaborating on Instagram.


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