CARRavan - A contemporary cabin on wheels. A bespoke design and build project by Life Space Cabins

A bespoke, luxury cabin on wheels

CARRavan is the first moveable cabin that Life Space Cabins has designed and built. It has been a unique and incredibly exciting project to work on, inspired by nature.

Cabin Brief

Our client’s enthusiasm was infectious and we got caught up quickly in her vision of creating a cabin that could be moved between various locations on her large Sussex farm.

She wanted to be able to tow the cabin up into the beautiful Downland valley and feel like she was part of the incredible landscape. Glass needed to be an integral part of the design, in order to bring the outside in.

A cabin on wheels would allow her to appreciate every aspect of the surroundings where she lives. Like many people, the pandemic had highlighted the need for a retreat; at home but distinctly separate from the main house. A place to escape, switch off and reset. As well as keep a watchful eye on the farm and sheep. As a writer, this concept of a peaceful sanctuary was particularly important to the client. So much so, that it was decided that CARRavan would be off-grid.

Cabin Design and Build

Together we agreed on a crisp, contemporary design.   The client felt inspired by some examples of simple, striking Scandinavian architecture that merge with the landscape. This included the Norwegian restaurant, Under, that appears to have crashed into a lake as well as a unique hotel concept, VIPP Shelter, where the dark toned interior enhances the natural world around it.Our founder, Jamie Wilson shared her excitement for the possibilities of this project and we took the time to explore many creative possibilities, including a bath on the roof!  Some elements didn’t work from a practical perspective (roof bath included, due to the weight when full of water…) but others certainly did.

The final design is a steel structure on a hand-built chassis with large double-glazed Aluminium windows and doors. The cabin is clad in angled slatted larch painted in black, reminiscent of the Scandinavian designs she likes so much and giving a clean, modern appearance.  A mirror stainless steel on the skirt of the cabin not only hides the chassis but beautifully reflects the surrounding grass.


Why Life Space Cabins? 

After a lot of research into different companies, the client was drawn to us after speaking to some of our other customers and seeing the details in our bespoke projects; particularly the drop-down deck on our Woodcutters Refuge cabin.

She loved the creativity and playfulness that we incorporate into our designs and she wanted a superior build quality.

She felt that Life Space Cabins was the ideal company to deliver all of these elements. We completely agree!

The client said: “The design and build process was done during lockdown, which was been quite odd as Jamie had never visited the site and we’ve done it all online and via video calls.  However, the communication had been so good that I’ve felt confident and reassured throughout the process.  I’ve taken a lot of their advice on board as Life Space Cabins have an excellent sense of design and they certainly go the extra yard for their clients in my experience”

Two drop-down shutters form large decks to sit out on and the shower overlooks a large picture window to take in the ever-changing views.  It is furnished with Karup hippo chairs that fold out into beds; it has a bespoke kitchen and bathroom and a top quality Eco Adventurer Log Burning stove for heat and cooking.  Two large roof lights provides windows to the sky above and there are solar panels on the roof.

One of our favourite things about CARRavan is the rather chic, vintage grey Fergie tractor that the client uses to tow it around her site!  This inspiring moveable cabin is a unique sanctuary in which to relax, take in the views and feel at one with the rolling hills. Anyone inside will feel warm and dry but also like they are truly a part of the landscape.   Every considered, bespoke detail of CARRavan adds to its considerable charm and character.

The client summarised her experience by saying: “Jamie and his team spent two days in the valley applying the finishing touches and ensuring that everything works. Their attention to detail is second to none and I cannot thank them enough for both taking on this unique project, and then delivering such a wonderful cabin on wheels which allows us to enjoy the majesty of the downs while keeping an eye on the sheep!”


  • Off Grid Cabin
  • Kitchen area, fridge, shower and compost toilet
  • Exterior: Black painted timber vertical strips of cladding set at an angle for a contemporary design.
  • Interior: Black and orange interior created using painted birch ply, and hand built kitchen unit which used Valchromat.
  • We created the fun drop down shutters using a combination of winches and pulleys.
  • Windows: Double glazed windows and doors allowing light to flow through the space.
  • Details: a mirror skirt was fitted around the entire the cabin to hide the lower chassis and reflect the grass.

Off Grid Cabin Facts

  • Compost Toilet
  • LPG Gas supply
  • Solar Panel Electrics
  • Leisure battery storage
  • Water storage (inc grey water)

Life Space Cabins Services

  • Full Design
  • Full Construction Detailing
  • Full Build and Installation Service

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