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The Embers Camping facilities cabin barn is a very different project, built on land leased from the Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum in Lewes, Sussex. Embers Camping created an original brief to create a practical yet beautiful place for the campsite guests to freshen up after a night under the stars.

The client focused the heart of the project on a full oak frame by Carpenter Oak – The oak frame building specialists and specified a quality yet price sensitive solution to the business need. Of course, there are cheaper solutions to housing showering and pot washing facilities, but our client recognised the need to maintain a high specification and quality finish, giving a better experience for their campers.

The cabin measured 11m x 6 and stands 4m high.

We have carried out a second project for Embers Camping in Polesden Lacey, Surrey.

A multi functional space

The camping facility barn is divided into several spaces; the male and female wash rooms, plant room and exterior pot wash area. The wash room zones were insulated (although the regulations didn't require them to be) and the insulated enclosed space was finished with a vault ceiling of softwood rafters and painted boarding and tiling for the walls to simplify the daily cleaning schedule. The front wall of the barn was set back, creating a covered veranda forming the entrance lobby to the wash rooms and the pot wash space. This gives the campers much needed protection from the elements.

Exterior Finishes

Natural materials feature both inside and out. The exterior is finished with Larch horizontal weather boarding and a natural slate roof (including solar thermal panels to heat washing water). The roof has velux windows to flood quality natural light in to the washrooms and was finished off using Lindab galvanised guttering and down pipes.

Considered construction

The wall wrap over the oak frame is formed from pre formed insulated cassettes. these cassettes were constructed  in Devon and transported to site with the oak frame. A crane was used to erect the oak frame and then the wall cassettes. this construction method allowed the frame and wall structure to be finished in just 7 days ready for the exterior finishes to be applied and the specialist wash room installer to progress with their schedule of works.
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