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Our original ethos of the company is to design and build unique, simply beautiful spaces of exceptional quality whether they are to be used for personal or commercial use. 

For commercial ventures, we have designed a portfolio of cabins that include fully considered spaces that are available for a variety of uses. Whether you are after a simple solo space to rent for Air BnB in your garden or after multiples for your camping and glamping business.

We also offer guidance on building the right small spaces through to assisting you in getting your own holiday-let , camping or glamping or other business venture started and onto the right footing from day 1.

Read on and call us on 01364 705057  

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Simple space solutions for a variety of uses.

Building Cabins for Commercial Use

Our consultancy service begins with a free initial discussion over the phone to talk about your project ideas and ambitions. This will help us define which of the following we could help you with.


Whether you are after a camping bedroom, glamping units, hub buildings or offices then we have a put together designs such as The Dart Cabin aimed at cabin rental and glamping ventures.

Alternatively, our team of talented designers and architects will work with you to give you the right spaces for your business.


We are able to guide you with the most appropriate routes through planning (light touch) and build a strategy for a successful planning application.


We are hugely experienced in marketing and building brand awareness and sales. We can help you get your business out to the right audience.


We can assist with business modelling, strategy, road mapping, market definition and ROI financials.

Project Management

We can help with all project management elements for the creation of a successful venture.


We are always looking for the opportunity to collaborate with others under the heading of 'two heads are better than one'. Perhaps you are a landowner who can see the opportunity in 'Glamping' but would prefer to share the cost and risk with us?


A feasibility study of your site to include a review of initial ideas, positioning, infrastructure and access considerations.


We can assist with the sourcing of Asset Finance allowing your business to finance faster growth or perhaps we could collaborate?

Let's have a chat and go from there. 01364 705057 or email

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