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Life Space Cabins deliver beautiful and practical architecture for life

The Dart is designed as a multifunctional cabin that can be used as a full-time tiny home, granny annexe, holiday rental cabin, private studio or as hotel guest suite.

The Dart cabin is an insulated, self-contained living space offering a premium level of comfort, for year-round enjoyment. All our cabins start with carefully selected, high-quality finishes creating a space that is durable, light and uplifting.

Starting Specification

A striking curved roof cabin with the same innovative and considered design we apply throughout our cabin portfolio, paired with an element of fun.

Shell only prices from £42,000 +VAT  (option 1)

Full build prices from  £74,000 +VAT (option 2) includes the following:-

  • Superior insulation levels for optimal thermal comfort suitable for year round use, conforms to building regulations and fire safe
  • Full turn-key finish includes decoration, electrics, plumbing and foundations
  • High level spec throughout including, shower room with dual flushing loo, engineered oak floor and architectural lighting and fittings
  • Double glazed windows and doors- with 85 year life expectancy. Triple glazing option available as an upgrade
  • Prefabricated (in whole or modules) in our workshop for swift build and installation
  • Can be classed as a caravan for VAT and planning benefits
  • Flexible floor plan arrangements and adaptable window positions and sizes
  • Beautifully curved corrugated metal roof
  • UK sourced larch timber cladding left to naturally silver
  • Fully fitted kitchen with appliances
  • Bothy-style double bed with storage
  • Includes starting design service, site visit, engineering
  • Includes provision for ground screw foundation and delivery
  • Available in 4 cabins length options to best suit your needs
  • Also available as a dual pitch roof cabin.

Floorplans & available sizes

We have designed a flexible cabin for permanent living, holiday letting or guest accommodation. Our starting specification accommodates 2 adults.

You can easily add a mezzanine to sleep two extras. 

If you wish to reposition windows or flip floor plans we are happy to suit your needs. 

We offer 4 starting size options for the length of the cabin. 


Small but beautifully formed. Our smallest Dart cabin includes space for luxury size bed, kitchenette and shower room. A fully insulated space ideal for additional year round accommodation at hotels, pubs and glamping sites.
Sleeps 2
£65,000+vat (shell only option available at £42,000+vat)
External 3.4m x 4.2m Internal 14.28sqm Height from ground level = 3.75m Internal ceiling height = 3.05m
Sleeping, shower room, kitchenette.
This well proportioned cabin with its bothy bed is the perfect option for 2 guests as a garden annexe or small glamping unit. Floor plans are indicative only and not to scale.
2 (+2 in mezzanine* )
External 3.4m x 5.4m Height from ground level = 3.75m Internal ceiling height = 3.05m Internal 14.5 sqm
Sleeping, shower room, kitchen and living / dining area. *Upgrade to include a mezzanine sleep deck
A luxury self contained cabin for additional sleeping accommodation for family and guests, with a bothy bedroom downstairs and option for 2 person mezzanine sleep deck.
2 (+2 in mezzanine* )
External 3.4m x 6.6m Height from ground level = 3.75m Internal ceiling height = 3.05m Internal 18 sqm
Sleeping, shower room, kitchen and living / dining area. *Upgrade to include a mezzanine sleep deck.
This light and airy layout with a flexible living space layout can include kitchen, small bathroom and optional mezzanine sleep deck makes the ideal permanent tiny home
2 (+2 in mezzanine* )
External 3.4m x 7.8m Height from ground level = 3.75m Internal ceiling height = 3.05m Internal 21.5 sqm
Sleeping, shower room, kitchen and living / dining area. *Upgrade to include a mezzanine sleep deck.

Take a look at the full starting specification and review the options for your Dart cabin


But it could be so much more…

Life Space Cabins are designers and makers, focussed on creating well-designed, small spaces that elevate the hours you work, rest and play with a little touch of magic.

Our cabins are designed as flexible cabins for many uses. We can go way further and fully customise each one or start with a blank sheet of paper to make a truly unique space

We believe the finishing touches to a cabin are where the magic and fun happens. From upgrading touch points like vintage handles and lighting to creating handcrafted ladders and bookcases to introducing funky materials or adding external sliding shutters for slice of drama to the arrival at the cabin.

The options could be endless… we are here to help guide you through. 


What about the quality and craftsmanship?

All Life Space Cabins spaces match our commitment to quality and playful thinking. By utilising considered and architectural design alongside our skilled craftspeople, we’re able to offer a level of luxury that goes beyond the expected and creates the best possible result for our clients. We really focus on the details. We believe in great workmanship even when you can’t see it. 

We have specified high quality materials within our starting specification. This means you are getting a great cabin within the price of our ‘starting’ specification. We are creatives at Life Space Cabins and therefore against the advice of our bean counters we like to give you the scope to flex the specification to make your cabin – just right! 

We encourage you to make a visit to our HQ here in Devon and then we can show you what quality means. *Please make an appointment then we can show you cabins in production as well as finished cabins. We will let them do the talking.

How do I order?

Contact us! We will talk through the specification for your cabin and answer any questions you may have.

Get in touch by emailing: [email protected]

How much will the cabin cost?

Prices are shown above. As a budget guide we suggest between £2500+vat- £3500+vat per sqm for the cabin build budget. This will vary depending on if it has a kitchen and bathroom as well as the level of specification and finishes.

You also have to consider the wider project costs in addition to the cabin build costs. These would include elements such as the site infrastructure (water, electricity, waste management and data connection), eco/off grid technologies, access, landscaping, complex foundations and not forgetting the front end work such as design, planning applications and specialist consultants.

Not every project is the same so will need different solutions. Therefore it is wise to have considered these costs above as part of your wider budget. Once your design and specification is known we will supply a fixed cost quotation with highlighted budgets for unknown elements.

How do you deliver and install the cabins?

We try, where possible, to prefabricate our cabins and deliver near complete spaces into site for local connection to services. This means that we will need to gain access for large vehicles and cranes to facilitate a smooth delivery.

Where access is tight or tricky we are a solutions focused team and can usually create a strategy for the delivery of a cabin. We can build on site using flat packed panels or in larger modules. We will carry out a desk top feasibility at the very eary stages and then once a plan is prepared we will carry out a site visit to review this and define the details. 

We haven’t yet needed a helicopter but one day I am sure we will!
The costs will vary depending on which route we need to take to conclude the installation of your cabin.

How we build a Dart Cabin

The structure is created using a plywood skeleton on two steel angled beams; which is then infilled with insulation and sheathed with OSB sheet before being wrapped in our insulated multifoil membrane- think Gore-tex rain jacket. 

The interior is progressed and includes service voids behind the wall cladding for services (electrical and plumbing). The finishing is where the build slows down. It is where the attention to detail is installed and finessed.  The last trims, guttering and external lights are added on site after delivery. 

Will you carry out a site visit?

A site visit is critical for most projects but in this modern age of video calls, WhatsApp shared photos, Google Maps and street view we can get a ‘good’ understanding of the site location and access from the desktop saving money and carbon in travel!  From this we can compile a ‘good’ assumed plan for budget costing.

That said, nothing beats a physical site visit at the right time in the project. We will try to combine as many surveys, meetings and usually bring material samples to make sure we cover as much in the time as possible. In the price for the Dart and Tamar we have included the cost for one site visit.

What foundations do you suggest for your cabins?

In most cases we will specify ground screw piles as they are well suited to tricky positions such as close to tree roots and are considered a positive solution by arboricultural specialists. They also come with a 25 year guarantee. The kit is usually lifted in by a one person unit and only requires an electrical supply or generator to install. They are quick to install (usually within one day per cabin). They are flexible to suit ground levels and alternative structures such as decking.

Furthermore no concrete is needed- this is a critical factor for us. No concrete legacy, no mess, digging or the need for bulky deliveries.
A ground screw pull test is required to determine the ground suitability. This is charged and carried in advance.

Where ground screws are unsuitable (granite boulders are a challenge!) then we will specify an alternative solution for your project.

Do I need planning permission?

Yes and No. There are various routes that can be used to navigate through obtaining planning permission. These routes will vary depending the design, use, geographical location, local authority and site feasibility.

Life Space Cabins can offer a full planning service where we use our experience and expertise to make an appropriate application for you. It can never be guaranteed that permission will be granted but we have several examples where planning seemed unlikely only to be successful. 

We will discuss the merits of the project and the likely sticking points. We will then establish a strategy for the application process.

Where an application is beyond our level of knowledge/comfort we will recommend a third party planning consultant to join the team and guide us through the application process. We have several options on which consultant to use depending on the project criteria.

This will give you the best chance of getting the right permission.

Did you say caravan?

Yes, we did!  For clarity we don’t make what you may perceive a ‘caravan’ to be.  Both the Dart and the Tamar cabins are designed to meet the design requirements of a ‘caravan’.  A cabin-style caravan can be your (not so) tiny, but portable living space for granny annexes, holiday rental or stand alone living accommodation.

Did you know that a ‘Caravan’ can make for a simpler route through planning and attracts a reduced VAT of 5%? What’s not to like! 

Plus, choosing a caravan makes the most of The Caravan Act which allows you to build a ‘caravan’ and can be used to achieve a larger space as ancillary or annexe accommodation (conditions apply).

The floor plan can be increased to a maximum of a massive 6.8m x 20m to create a larger multi bedroom, dual aspect space.

Do the cabins conform to Building Regulations?

It is recommended that a space for sleeping is usually specified to a building regulations level of performance or is classed as a ‘caravan’. Building Regulations are there to make sure buildings are safe (fire, security and structural performance), thermally excellent and robustly detailed to last. Note that is different to planning permission.  The Dart/Tamar cabin can perform to building regulations if your site is fully accessible, the definition of a caravan or simply an office ‘outbuilding’ spec. Call us to discuss your project and your needs 01364 705057

What is the performance of a Life Space Cabin?

It is proven that well-designed buildings are sustainable, more robust, they are also healthier and more comfortable places to live and work in. We pride ourselves on brilliant, architectural design that is built to last. New house levels of insulation and architectural performance grade windows and doors mark our intent to build responsibly for future generations. This allows year round comfort now and into the future.

How our cabins will be powered and ‘serviced’ becomes one of the first considerations. On grid or off grid? Luxury or basic user experience.

It is worth considering what type of experience you wish to create and then we can guide you on how this can be powered and the likely costs.
We aim to create a hotel room experience while placed in nature with all our ‘stay’ cabins.

Your cabin, Our solution – we will help guide you through the options for your project.

What are the lead times?

In short, circa 12-16 weeks. This will depend on our current production capacity. At the point of order we will confirm a target delivery date. The date will be fixed 2 weeks prior to delivery.

Our design leadtimes are usually circa 4 weeks but this does tend to vary from project to project and again subject to our current workload.

We give all our spaces, no matter what size, our full focus and attention  to ensure you have the very best space created for you.

If you have a specific deadline please communicate this at the point of ordering your cabin.

We’ll never compromise on our standards, respect for the environment or the safety of our team members.

Where can I see a full specification?

For a full PDF specification please request a brochure by completing the form on this page or you can request one via an email. The Dart or Tamar Specification will give you a detailed summary of the standard material options available as well as upgrades and general technical information.

Please email [email protected]

Can I customise or choose upgrades?

Yes! We are creatives at Life Space Cabins and therefore against the advice of our bean counters we like to give you the scope to flex the specification to make your cabin – just right! We pride ourselves in offering several options to customise your Dart cabin. We have pre curated some choices for you to consider including a choice of cladding colours and materials.

Life Space Cabins offers a fully bespoke design and build service so you can create and customise a space as unique as you. Consider options such as, corten curved roof or an additional window for stargazing.

Talk to us!

*Upgrades and customisation will incur additional costs.

Off Grid versus On-Grid Cabin

This is a defining aspect of a cabin project. You will need to consider how the space will be used – If you want a hotel room style experience in the woods or a more simple camping cabin by the river.  

Once the primary use is understood, we can then understand the user and their needs.

  • Water supply
  • Electricity or not and how much
  • Hot water- LPG boiler, log burner boiler or electric
  • Loo Waste – Compost or Sewerage treatment plant/mains
  • Data- cellular or fibre
  • Additional plant cupboard to house services
  • Each of the above will have a variety of different volume and costs
  • Contact us to discuss your requirements

What are your payment terms?

We ask for £1000+ VAT as a deposit (refundable less costs). We will then appraise your site and specification choices (foundations, delivery and cladding) and prepare a final design and detailed quote for your project.

Once specification is agreed the balance of a 40% starting invoice is required. We will then confirm a delivery window and order all materials for your cabin.

At the point of starting manufacture we will require a interim 50% payment.

At the point of booking delivery transport (or collection) we will request the final 10%. We will then confirm the exact day for delivery. 

T&C apply.

What’s in the name?

Our Dart cabin is named after The River Dart – a river in Devon. Starting its journey high on Dartmoor, carving its way through moorland, deep sided valleys and through the town of Totnes and finally out to sea at Dartmouth.

We decided to name our cabins after rivers because the River Dart is a significant vein that runs through the county of Devon where we are based. They help define the landscape and the way we work, live and play.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Take a look at these cabins.

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