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A Cabin For Airbnb: The Things You Need To Know

Cabins complete a garden. Designed and positioned well they are practical and beautiful spaces that will enhance your garden

Life Space Cabins receives a number of enquiries each month from clients looking for us to design and build a cabin for their garden. Whilst some of the clients want the space for themselves as a home office or a social escape for their family there are those who look to rent out a cabin for Airbnb to create an income for themselves and have a return on their investment. 

It’s worth noting early on that there are certain legal and planning elements associated to renting out your house/separate cabin space/annexe and we would encourage you to research what you can and can’t do by talking to your local planning office, home insurance company and contacting HMRC to find out about any tax implications on your income. 

You can read our brief guide to planning here https://lifespacecabins.co.uk/planningguide/

Once you know what you can do then we have listed some design and positioning elements to consider when building a cabin for Airbnb, or other companies, to rent out. 

Life Space Cabins in your garden

Life Space Cabins in your garden

The things you need to consider when thinking of building and renting a cabin out. 

Design Simple designs get your project off the ground quickly particularly if they fit within planning guidelines. 

A one-of-a-kind space may be a longer (but fun!) process but bespoke spaces can command a higher rate and rent the space out through companies like Canopy and Stars. 

One-off V Multiples if your garden is big enough perhaps you will start with one cabin then build further small spaces to rent out. 

Privacy and Landscaping– consider both sides of privacy for yourselves and the guests. Think about how the space(s) will be landscaped into your garden. Think secret pathways and well-positioned trees.  Create a board on Pinterest like ours and then talk to a landscape designer. Use Instagram Search #landscapedesigners 

Layout – how many people are you going to offer the space too? Perhaps consider designing additional hidden bed units and flexible living spaces through bi-fold internal doors to divide the space up. 

Design Include beautiful well thought out smaller versions of kitchens and bathrooms. People will want to stay in a cabin if it has all the luxuries plus some added quirks like a walk-in shower or sleep deck with a stargazing roof window. 

Comfort  Including elements such as double/triple glazing will act as perfect thermal efficiency for summer and winter months. Installing a wood burner or some form of heating ensures you can rent the space out 12 months of the year, 

Location and Access – remember people will need good access (consider access for all abilities) and ideally off-road parking. 

Take a look at one stunning vision of a Life Space Cabin in a beautiful garden throughout the year. 

Visualization by I-Ehco https://www.iecho.london/


If you would like to design and build a cabin for Airbnb, or other rental companies, then the team at Life Space Cabins can help.

From the outset, we’ll listen to your brief, arrange a site visit (where needed) and talk through all your ideas. 

01364 705057


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