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"Somewhere within us all is an instinctual desire to design and build our own small space, individual to our needs and characteristics, a home away from home, an escape, a retreat." Natalie Fenwick

Life Space Cabins is a lifestyle and design-led cabin business creating beautiful small spaces, using responsibly sourced materials and considered design for a known budget. Our cabin spaces playfully enhance the way you live and work. A life space. 


From the outset, we decided we didn’t want to do boring. We want to work on fun projects with people who have a cabin idea that calls for dynamic and playful thinking and will change the way we work or play.

Project Management

When you commission Life Space Cabins to design a unique cabin that is perfect for you we will guide you through each stage of the project. We offer a full design and consultancy service using our team of architects, designers and project managers, we will guide you through any planning application required. We will then take you through considered material choices and introduce you to new materials and styles that you may not have thought of before.

Woodcutters Refuge as featured in Cabin Porn inside 2_ Life Space Cabins

Responsible Construction

The opportunity to design and build using sustainably responsible materials has never been so great.

It's proven that not only are sustainable buildings more durable and strong but they are also healthier and more comfortable spaces for you to live and work in. With a huge range of affordable sustainable solutions we are able to explore any number of ways to create a ‘green’ cabin.

Our highly crafted timber frame structures are made by skilled carpenters using Green Oak from PEFC certified managed forests, Douglas fir or Glulam timber

Our turnkey build enables us to build a cabin within budget, using the most appropriate materials for the project and your budget, (be it reclaimed corrugated roofing, wood fibre or wool insulation).

Considered Quality Designs

Life Space Cabins wants beautiful and practical architecture to be available to everyone. We work with brilliant established and fledgling architects and designers.

We have exciting ideas and our intention is to inspire and become leaders in cabin design, whilst working with clients that share our excitement for cabin spaces.

Perhaps you envisage a modern rustic cabin like the Wood Cutters Refuge which offers playful elements with its drop down sides. Alternatively a contemporary cabin like SkySpace with a highly polished finish to represent your own company.

Creating an additional space, in a considered and responsible design, will help improve the resale value of your property as a whole. Although you can always take your cabin with you!...

Cabins for Commercial Use
Take a look at how we can help you create cabins and glamping spaces for your commercial venture.
Meet the Life Space Team...
Cabinuts! -a collective term for people who share a passion for all things cabins/ small space related.
Luxury oak frame cabin in South Devon | Life Space Cabins
From a simply beautiful home garden studios to refined luxury woodland cabin to a bespoke treehouse. Not forgetting plenty of...
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