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Ever fancied running your own glamping campsite? Or perhaps you own a piece of land in a stunning location and want to build an off-grid treehouse with all the comforts?

Building Cabins for Commercial use.

The Dream Of A Glamping Buisiness

Ever fancied running your own glamping business? Or perhaps you own a piece of land in a stunning location and want to build an off-grid treehouse with all the comforts?

Now could be the time to fulfil those dreams and run your own amazing small venture.

Did you know that a single treehouse rented out as holiday accommodation can generate in the region of between £30,000 – £90,000 per annum?

OK, now we have your attention that fact needs some qualifying. It is right that a luxury well-built treehouse can earn up to £90K per annum. But to do this in your first year without any relevant experience would be more challenging.

Leading staycation agencies such as Unique Homes Stays and Canopy and Stars-who has seen ‘Treehouse’ feature at the top of the most searched table on their website have been movers and shakers of this UK industry for bespoke places to stay which has grown significantly in the last 10 years.

So logic would say “I’ll move to the country and build 4 treehouses and rent them out”

We would be the first in line behind you but it is worth understanding the world around glamping and luxury camping rentals like cabins and treehouse rentals before chasing the dream.


Research and Development

Building Cabins for Glamping business use.

Do you know your Emperor tent from your camping pod?

Having a full understanding of the Glamping industry is key to success.

Visit industry trade shows such as the Glamping Show and Farm Business Innovation show. Tickets are normally free and you will meet a whole host of suppliers from Cedarwood Hot Tub manufacturers to discussing the glamourous infrastructure of eco loos, sewerage and solar panels. Not to mention listening to seminar talks on subjects such as Glamping legislation- licenses- 28-day rule to diversifying for the first time from specialists who know the glamping, business and tourism industry inside and out.

The right site is the keystone to a glamping venture.  This may be obvious but the sighting of your spaces must be in the right place and proximity from neighbours, infrastructure, access, and even the nearest pub can have a bearing on the final location for your cabin and its success.

Planning permission is so often overlooked on cultural TV shows. Building the wrong space, in the wrong location without permission is a huge risk and you can be asked to take down the whole structure. So although there are hoops it’s much better to jump through them from the outset! Read more on our Brief Guide to Planning Permission blog post here 

ROI (Return on Investment)

Capital investment will be required when starting your own glamping business. However, if you build a cabin that is well designed, with considered construction and well positioned and you could see a far quicker return on your investment.

In comparison to something like a Bell tent, a well insulated and built cabin that acts like a mini home would allow you to rent it out beyond the high summer season period and shoulder months and essentially have a 52-week rental. This can mean that a £40k investment could see something in the region of £35k return in the first year, resulting in a full return early in year 2.  

It may be sensible for you to create a business plan for your business-don’t worry it doesn’t need to be a hefty 135 page document it could be as simple as a phased plan, by factoring in the right guidance and offering the first glamping structure (which might start off as a Bell Tent) you are then testing the market and allowing yourself time to then stretch your legs into the more complex and permanent locations/ structures once you have generated the core essential revenue.


Fear Not- Life Space Cabins can help with all this.

Life Space Cabins are unique in our offering as we understand what it takes to create great spaces. We pride ourselves on taking responsibility from the design concept beginning but all the way through to the cabin installation and beyond.

We look after you and the environment as standard. We are currently working with @rosemere.cornwall helping them achieve their dream of a luxury retreat in Cornwall.  

We can organise a site visit in order for us to give you an appraisal of your proposed site that will include practical elements you may not have thought of.  We can carry out a subsequent feasibility desktop study which will cover viability of your project as a whole. We will give guidance on various items including site configurations, access and infrastructure, cabin design and build, ROI, right through to guest experience. We will recommend guidelines and give indicative quotes from professional team members and industry professionals from our trusted bank of contacts that will be needed throughout the project going forward.

There is the opportunity for you to use the piece of work for any planning application or business plan.

From there, our design and project management team can work on some amazing and fun design ideas that will suit you or your business/commercial needs.

If you have a project or even a beautiful location and have always thought – ‘we could do that’ then start by having a chat with us. 01364 705 057 or email

A chat with Life Space Cabins could be your first step to making that change!

This post aims to promote awareness and guidance of the route through planning and starting your own holiday rental business for either commercial or domestic use but it is not intended to constitute advice. Every effort is made to ensure that the information is correct at the date of publication and to avoid any statement which may mislead. However, no duty of care is assumed to any person and no liability is accepted for any omission or inaccuracy. Always seek specific professional advice.

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