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Our aim is to create beautiful, practical architecture and design that can be available to everyone.

Life Space Cabins are creators of fun dynamic life spaces.  We create beautiful small spaces, using responsibly sourced materials and considered design. Our cabins will playfully enhance the way you live and work.

Life Space Cabins was born from a growing demand for people wanting smaller spaces to suit their ever-changing work and life balance. We operate nationally, creating beautiful, bespoke and fun cabins for rural and urban settings.

Life Space Cabins design a wide variety of cabins for so many potential uses. So whether you are looking for an eco-friendly hut, luxury bespoke treehouse, a garden room or studio, a quiet woodland pod, multiple simply beautiful glamping units, unique additional guest accommodation, a considered and refined space for your family or a home garden office there will be a Life Space Cabin here for you.

Cabin Portfolio
Woodcutters Refuge in Devon as featured in Cabin Porn inside built on a hillside _ Life Space Cabins
There are three routes you can choose to have a Life Space Cabin.
'Glammercial' Spaces
Camping Bedroom - small cottage style Cabin for glampsite or campsite. A cabin designed and made in the westcountry | Life Space Cabins
Simply Beautiful spaces all your glamping and commercial spaces. From camping bedrooms to glamping units or central hub offices.
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Info Hut
Camping Bedroom Cabin- Front elevation for glampsite or Campsite Larch vertical cladding and black zinc roof | Life Space Cabins
We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions when building a cabin or amazing small space.
Brief Guide To Planning
Want to build a cabin on land you own and don’t know where to start? Have a read of our...
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