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Our aim is to create beautiful, practical architecture and design that can be available to everyone.

Life Space Cabins are creators of fun dynamic life spaces.  We create beautiful small spaces, using responsibly sourced materials and considered design. Our cabins will playfully enhance the way you live and work.

Life Space Cabins was born from a growing demand for people wanting smaller spaces to suit their ever-changing work and life balance. We operate nationally, creating beautiful, bespoke and fun cabins for rural and urban settings.

Life Space Cabins design a wide variety of cabins for so many potential uses. So whether you are looking for an eco-friendly hut, luxury treehouse, a garden room or studio, a quiet woodland pod, a high tech recreational cabin, unique additional guest accommodation, teenager den or a home office there will be a Life Space Cabin here for you.

Take a look at our Cabin Portfolio page for inspiration then Contact Us to talk through your cabin ideas and project requirements..

A Brief Guide to Planning
Buying your own piece of woodland
Want to build a cabin on land you own and don’t know where to start? Have a read of our...
The Riverside Retreat
Riverside Cabin with Oak frame | Life Space Cabins
A oak frame cabin built to enhance the garden and soak up the tremendous views of the River.
Cabin Portfolio
Exmoor Treehouse in Woodland |Life Space Cabins
A showcase of home office spaces, treehouses, family hangouts plus some classic woodland cabin spaces.
Modern Rustic Cabin
Luxury oak frame cabin in South Devon | Life Space Cabins
A Modern Rustic Timber Framed Treehouse built into a steep Devon hillside
Connect with us
An exploded drawing of the alfresco dining oak frame eating area |Life Space Cabins
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FAQ answered...
We are creators of fun dynamic life spaces for work and play whatever your age.
We have listed the FAQ and first steps for your own cabin project
Why LifeSpace Cabins?
Oak Frame Cabin
Somewhere within us all is an instinctual desire to design and build our own amazing small space.
Life Space Blog
We don't do boring...
Skyspace Contemporary modern creative cabin with sides reflecting the light |Life Space Cabin
From the outset we decided we didn't want to do boring. We want to work on fun cabin projects.
Meet the Team
Meet the Jamie and Martin and the rest of the Life Space Cabin team who share a passion for all...
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