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The Foresters cabin envelopes the rustic charm and craftsmanship of a traditionally detailed green oak frame into the heart of the cabin. The characterful oak frame is made by Carpenter Oak – the oak frame specialists, created using robust mortice and tenon joints, with hand cleft oak pegs. All the frames are cut by hand using hand and power tools. Enclosing the oak skeleton in high levels of insulation to keep you or your guests comfortable whatever the weather is doing outside.

You can include a mezzanine giving a space for you to use however you wish – an occasional sleep deck, children hiding place or storage space. The mezzanine can be accessed by a vertical ladder forming part of the kitchen cabinet.

The Forester’s cabin concept has the addition of drop down sides activated by yacht style winches. The drop down sides create a decking area or secure shutters when closed up for the season. We have also explored the option of introducing warehouse style sliding doors to give the space greater intimacy. Give us a call to explore what might be suitable to your Life Space Cabin.

Exterior Finishes

We have suggested larch feather edge horizontal cladding as a robust, UK sourced finish. Larch starts out being quite orangery pink but quickly silvers back to a natural hue which settles into any natural surrounding. If you like, you could introduce a colour like in the Three Cliffs Cabins. Call us to discuss your cabin and explore the options you could choose. One option would be to use a galvanised corrugated tin roof for its agricultural hints. This can be further enhanced by specifying the amazing Corten corrugated sheet - when left this well create a rusty surface of beautiful oranges and browns. You could give the cabin a contemporary twist by introducing a crisp lined zinc roof. The Foresters cabin uses vertical 'hit and miss' roof boarding with a colour wash.

Interior Finishes

Painted sawn interior cladding gives a beautiful texture and interest to the interior surfaces and can be used throughout. Alternatively, you could introduce a veneered plywood (ash, oak, douglas fir or birch) or we could simply we could give the boards a lime wash, giving you a lighter appearance while retaining the natural character of the timber. Give us a call to discuss your preferences.

The Foresters cabin is very adaptable for a variety of future uses from making an ideal Airbnb style letting space, a teenager's den, summer house, artist's studio, garden home office or reading room or just a blooming beautiful shed!

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