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In Praise of the Tin Tabernacle

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Tin Tabernacles were frequently built as temporary ecclesiastical buildings in the mid-19th Century. Often built with a timber frame with either wood cladding or galvanised corrugated iron walls.

At Life Space Cabins we think there is a certain charm to these simple small provincial spaces and can see their design resonates with some of our own cabin designs.

Despite being prefabricated temporary buildings, like many pre-war structures the buildings are still found all across the UK. With many being adopted by community groups and used as village halls its highly likely that we’ve all shivered in a tabernacle building during a Brownies or Scouts session!

So, Life Spacers keep your eyes peeled for a Tin Tabernacle close to you and see it in a new light…

For contemporary inspiration take a look at the TINHOUSE on the Isle of Skye by Rural Design Architects. A beautiful simple rural building.

The TinHouse by Rural Design architects

The TinHouse by Rural Design architects


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