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Are you a Cabinut?

The people behind Life Space Cabins make it special and they all really enjoy what these cabin style spaces give us, whether it is a creative release, the opportunity to build a business or an escape from mundane architecture all on a scale that is fun and achievable.

We’re always looking to work in partnership with people who will bring fresh new ideas to the Life Space team.

So whether you’re a designer, architect, maker, photographer, carpenter or other trade, you’ll find that we support ambition and encourage innovation.

Current Opportunities

  • We now offer a stylist and sourcing service that will give our clients the opportunity to have beautifully made, vintage or commercially found furniture and interior pieces in their cabins. We will be collaborating with UK artists and craft makers to make this happen. We are always looking for individual makers or small businesses as well as photographers to work with us and help grow what we offer. If you are interested in discussing any opportunities or collaborations, please email kate@lifespacecabins.co.uk


  • We’re always on the lookout for designers and architects who share our passion for cabins and amazing small spaces. For each Cabin project we ‘match’ the right designer/architect to the right client so that together we develop the perfect Life Space. Give Jamie a call on 01364 705 057 or email us hello@lifespacecabins.co.uk
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