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Cabinuts - a collective term for people who share a passion for all things cabins, hut tiny space related.

Meet the team behind Life Space Cabins – the cabin specialist sister company to Carpenter Oak.

The very beginnings of Life Space Cabins was born at Carpenter Oak and has now grown into this exciting and vibrant business. The people behind Life Space Cabins make it special and they all really enjoy what these cabin style spaces give us, whether it is a creative release, the opportunity to build a business or an escape from mundane architecture all on a scale that is fun and achievable. So fellow ‘cabinuts’, come and meet the team…

Jamie Wilson
Meet the team Director Jamie Wilson |Life Space Cabins
Project Consultant/ Founder

Meet Jamie

Jamie is a dynamic character, full of energy and is passionate about architecture, design and the instinctual childhood den nature of a cabin space. He is the driving force behind Life Space Cabins. He formed Life Space Cabins with the support of Carpenter Oak, his long standing employer in 2015 along with the support and patience of his ‘first’ client Lisa & Gavin Chappell and his family and close friends. Since the very first seed of an idea he has wanted each space to have a ‘fun’ aspect. The fun represents itself through movement; a sliding ladder, a pivoting wall, a drop down side or a sliding roof. This gives Life Space a unique edge, as we can create a cosy retreat or through movement, a light and bright social space to enjoy a sunny evening. Jamie, his wife Kate and their son Ned have always been linked to small spaces; they own a VW Campervan and have ‘encouraged’ it around Europe and the UK on various adventures and Jamie still uses it as his daily drive to the office! The camper's ability to transform from vehicle to a safe home probably being a nod to his future cabin passions. Contact Jamie 
Griffin Collier
Meet Griffin Collier Designer | Life Space Cabins

Meet Griffin

Griffin is a quiet, creative wizard type. He is extremely talented at concept development and is the go to designer for something a little different. Griffin comes from an architectural background. After studying architectural design at Yale, Griffin worked at Heatherwick Studio in London for two years before joining up with LifeSpace and Carpenter Oak. He now heads the small start-up company, NOOK Studio. Griffin always comes to a project with a fresh perspective, often spotting opportunities that might be overlooked by other designers. Griffin is the man behind the SkySpace as well as the rendered presentations helping you visualise a Life Space. In his spare time Griffin can think of nothing better than travelling to the most remote corners of the world.Contact Griffin 
Carpenter Oak
Timber frame specialists

Meet Carpenter Oak

The award winning Carpenter Oak team are a highly valuable part of the team. They supply the timber frames for all our framed projects, whether it be using green oak, douglas fir or specialist glue laminated timber. The frames are created in the Devon yard, by hand, using highly skilled craftsmen often combining traditional carpentry with cutting edge steel and timber connections. For larger projects, the Carpenter Oak carpenters will also raise the frame on site. Carpenter Oak have been producing beautiful timber frames for all types of buildings since 1987 and are vastly experienced and reliable. Carpenter Oak originally gave Jamie the opportunity to create Life Space Cabins. Carpenter Oak has created Carpenter Oak Cornwall , a regional local service for Cornwall. The Cornwall team will supply the frame for the projects in Cornwall. Contact Life Space Cabins 
Sam Williams
Sam Williams consultant architect
Consultant Architect

Meet Sam

Sam is a fully qualified RIBA registered architect and works for Life Space Cabins as a consultant Architect. Before creating his own practice in 2014, Sam was a partner at the well renowned timber frame architectural practice Roderick James Architects. Sam has many years of experience to call upon for buildings, in many cases far larger than a cabin. His unique skills enable us to design and build our cabins to highest specification. Out of hours, Sam has three children and has almost finished the renovation of a historic Billiard room to create a family home. If he has any spare time he is to be found relaxing in his wood fired hot tub overlooking Totnes! Sam is often our design or build mentor, architectural guide and our overseeing eye... plus he loves CAKE! Contact Sam
Alex Thomas
Architect for Life Space Cabins. Alex has designed the Wistman's Oak Fram cabin

Meet Alex

Alex is a talented gem. A fully qualified architect with a drive to create interesting spaces. Alex came to Life Space Cabins via Carpenter Oak, where he undertook his apprenticeship in carpentry. This enthusiasm for craft is evident in his design approach, with a want to understand buildings and processes as much by hand as through digital design. With a Cambridge architecture schooling, Alex has worked for a number of London practices including the award winning Feilden Fowles Architects. This background has instilled an appreciation of a modern aesthetic, coupled with an exploration of crafted natural materials that imbues his architecture with a subtle longevity. The Wistman’s Cabin was a result of this refreshing exploration. Alex is a gentle character with a sharp mind. He is a focused individual and recently completed the Paris-Brest-Paris 1200km long distance Audax cycle event. Amazing! Contact Alex 
Kate Wilson
Support Sales & Marketing

Meet Kate

Kate ensures that the wheels keep turning behind the scenes of Life Space Cabins. Her role is multifaceted, so aside from general support of Jamie she is making sure everything's running smoothly and that you are all getting to hear about what is new. Kate also works for an outdoor theatre agency Fool's Paradise, enjoys running and village life, plus being PA to her son Ned who seems to have more paperwork than Jamie. (Yes, Kate is Jamie's wife) Contact Kate 
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