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Naturally, what each of us wants in terms of our own cabin requirements varies. We hope our Portfolio inspires and resonates with your own cabin ideas and intentions. We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions in the tabs below.

You will of course have questions which are unique to your project, so contact us to chat them through.

Ideas and Inspiration - gather images

Start with creating a collection of photos that inspire you. Pinterest is a great tool for this task. Pinterest is an online database of images including a huge range of themes that you can 'pin' to a board - effectively an online scrap book - see our own Pinterest Boards. You can share your images with us and we can help with the next step

Consider your plot and organise a site visit

Consider where you are planning to build your cabin. Is it your own land? Do you have to buy the plot? What is access like? What is the terrain like? Where is the view? Is it in your garden?

Although it seems a lot to consider, we can help and advise. After the initial chat on phone or email, we will have established the type of cabin you are after, your budget and its proposed location. We can then arrange a site visit for us to take a look at things like access and planning considerations.

Inspiring cabin location
Consider your cabin plot |Life Space Cabins
From hill side to river side consider where you want your amazing small space

Do I need Planning Permission?

Typically cabins don’t require planning permission or building regulations, meaning that you can have your new space easily and quickly in your garden or plot. There are some exceptions; If you are within a conservation area, national park, near or in the curtilage of a listed building or in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty AONB, you will need to acquire planning permission.

Permitted Development allows you to build (within a strict criteria) without planning permission. The best starting point for this research is to go to the Planning Portal for general advice on whether you require planning permission.

If you are unsure talk to us and to your local planning department who can advise you. Building regulations or Building control really only applies to cabins over 35sqm in area but again there are conditions depending on it's use.

Do Contact Us with your ideas and we can talk you through the options.

Planning portal
Do I need Planning Permission for a Life Space Cabin |Life Space Cabins
Find planning and building regulations guidance for many common building work projects

Explore Our Range

Our team of talented designers, architects and professionals- who demonstrate passion for small spaces - have created a range of cabins which vary between the simple and rustic charm of the Wistmans, to the more sophisticated Skyspace cabin.

Bothy Oak Frame Cabin | Life Space Cabins
Explore our current and past cabin projects

Make your own cabin

Choose from our range of past projects or concept cabins. We would like to make the selection of one of our cabins as easy as possible. Choose a cabin space you like and consider the interior and exterior material choices to best suit you and your cabin site. We are happy to help narrow this down for you. You can go further still and commission Life Space Cabins to design a unique cabin, perfect for you.
Bespoke Cabins
We would like to make the selection of one of our cabins as easy as possible. Simply choose a space...

Set your budget

Having an idea of your budget for your project early on allows us to advise you on what can realistically be achieved, which speeds up getting your cabin idea to the design stage. Call us to discuss how much a cabin is likely to cost.

Talk to us
Innovative and practical washroom cabin on campsite showcasing natural materials and rustic charm. |Life Space Cabins
Give us a call or email to discuss your cabin project

Talk to us

We want to make your idea work, so even if you’re not sure about anything on the list above Contact Us and we can talk you through the process.
Call to discuss
The art of Den Building |Life Space Cabins
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