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Cabin Story Part 3- The Cabin model showing corr ten roof

Cabin Story Part 3

When we started Life Space Cabin there was always the fear that people might perceive us as standard supplier of summerhouses and sheds- an off-the-shelf company who had a turnaround of just a few weeks.

But fortunately our clients did not see us like that. They to value the time it takes to get the design right, to choose the correct materials in order to create their perfect amazing small space.

We pick the Cabin Story up just as planning permission has been granted and we now begin the task of pulling together everything needed for the offsite and onsite construction.

This is by no means a small feat. With the cabin location being on a steep Devon hillside and the design having some exciting elements such as dropped down sides not to mention the use of a beautiful old and rather heavy granite trough (how do we get that up a steep hillside?) this will be our most challenging project to date.

But at Life Space Cabins we would rather have a challenge like this. One which places cabin spaces in exciting places with hidden suprises.

Remember we don’t do boring


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