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Cabin story…part 2

Introducing the Woodland Refuge.

Sometimes 2D images and plans are not quite enough for us to show the client exactly what we hope to achieve for them. With this cabin project in particular, the cabin will be built into a steep hillside, nestled in a woodland, so drawings were a restrictive medium for communicating how the space would interact with its surroundings. The answer? Life Space Cabins architect Alex made this beautiful cabin maquette.

Having extracted it away from the excited gaze of our eager 5 year old, the clients were shown the model and could immediately envisage it on their plot and subsequently were able to make better judgements on choices for materials and placement of doors and windows.  The Refuge will be clad in Corten Corrugated steel sheets on the roof and rear wall and we have proposed the use of thin vertical strips of cladding for the other elevations to give linear consistency to the material choices.

We are now moving into the detail design development drawings. More news to follow.

Wood Cutters refuge cabin maquette

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